Winter Season, Warm Color Electric Sofa Coat Into Fashion

- Jun 01, 2018-

Gradually into the fall and winter season, the weather is getting colder and colder. Many consumers prefer the warm-colored velvet electric sofa as the home of choice, because the velvet sofa is most suitable for use in autumn and winter, especially among the elderly.

   The most attractive feature of the velvet electric sofa is its ultra-fine, gentle touch, which feels like a small animal's fur. As long as you gently stroke the velvet sofa, you will be fascinated by the gentleness it brings to your fingers. It also has a stylish appearance, good color rendering effect, dust, anti-fouling and other advantages, but it is easy to static electricity.


   How to buy: The Velvet motorized sofa's velvet has long and short velvet. When the fluffy fabric is selected, it can be touched by hand on the surface of the cloth. No obvious discoloration or whitening is preferred. When the sofa is selected for short flannelette fabric, its density and thickness are mainly considered. The more dense the fleece is, the better the thickness of the flannel is. Better.

   Use of the environment: modern minimalist style or simple European style.

   For the crowd: Pay attention to the touch and careful crowd.

    If stained with clean water, usually can be scrubbed; chemical bleaching agent on the fabric of flannel sofa is a great injury, cleaning sofa sets, it is recommended washing, washing powder should not put too much.

   Through the above understanding of the velvet electric sofa, I believe we all know how to care for the sofa.