Why More And More People Choose American Furniture?

- Aug 07, 2018-

The American style originated in the 17th century. It has experienced the baptism of the colonial period, the American federal period, and the American Empire. It combines Rococo, Poladio, New England and other decorative styles to form a symmetrical, delicate, elegant and colorful feature. Among them, the golden eagle, the crossed double swords, the stars, the wheat ears, the flower color and other decorative elements are used. In the tin-lead alloy candlestick, the geometric pattern carpet, and the carved stone cabinet, the unique charm is presented.

American furniture style is summarized into the following three points:

1. Expressing nostalgia for history, the European royal furniture is civilian, the atmosphere is not extravagant;

2. Express a casual, comfortable style, turning the home into a place to release stress and relieve fatigue;

3. Has a strong personality, expressing the American spirit of pursuing freedom and advocating innovation.

Nowadays, people who use American style have a certain economic foundation and are white-collar workers who prefer Western lifestyle. The American style advocates a comfortable and unrestricted life, but at the same time it is elegant, paying attention to the quality of life, but not too much.

The distinctive features and the diversity of colors are the characteristics of modern American style. The use of solid wood and rough style, the use of coffee brown and blue and white, create a different modern style, tend to be harder in material selection. , bright, gorgeous material.

The American style adopts a comfortable, flexible and warm material combination in the selection of materials, which can effectively establish a warm and warm family atmosphere. These carefully selected materials have laid the foundation for quality assurance in the American style. In terms of decoration, American furniture also pays attention to careful painting and engraving, showing its unique style.

The American style is mainly composed of a single color, which not only can express its materials, but also give people a pure overall sense. Paul Sette will take the old treatment on individual finishes, that is, after several times of painting, use sharps to form pits on the surface of the furniture, and then finish on it (up to 12 times). In the details, it is full of ingenuity.