Why Is It Difficult To Sell Boards Now, Will Board Distributors’ Pressure Increase

- Jun 19, 2018-

1, do plate dealers, need more investment

Necessary investment for each dealer’s boss, rent, labor, products, inventory, daily expenses, etc. Many of the areas are now more than 100 square meters. The rents in the first and second tier cities are about 20,000 to 300,000. The rents in the third and fourth tier cities are also tens of thousands, and the annual rent is still growing. Increasing investment has made it slower.

2, plate dealers, some large inventory

The plate dealer’s boss will pay tens of thousands each time, and the high price will be tens of thousands. There are still hundreds of thousands or even millions of inventories at home, and the funds are overstocked on the one hand, and part of the market is in arrears. With less and less liquidity, many plate distribution bosses are financing bank loans or private loans, and operating costs are also increasing. Earn a year’s worth of money, and finally all in the inventory products, and this product is more worthless. This is why some of the bosses could not withstand the pressure and finally close the door. The

3, plate dealers, now less profit

The rise of the Internet, the increasingly transparent prices, plate dealers industry reshuffle increased, raw materials rose, environmental protection rectification increasingly severe, many small businesses shut down production, raw material prices continue to rise, there are a number of miscellaneous brand sheet to play the banner of low prices, and grab After taking part of the business, the profit of plate dealers is getting lower and lower. Therefore, many plate dealers feel pressured, and some rush out their white hair! The

4, plate dealers, often owed more

Nowadays, almost all the sheet metal factories are payment and delivery, and sheet metal dealers have to come up with the full amount of money. However, in the market, they are often owed money. Some sheet dealers have arrears in the light market as many as a million, and some are still old, and it is hard to get back. In the face of these pressures, they are also in a headache. The

5, plate dealers, mostly bitter

Although folks have the saying “Heroes Don’t Ask the Source,” board dealers are mostly bosses. They are all created by themselves. The story of struggle is also very sad. Therefore, many board dealer bosses are diligent and thrifty in their daily lives. Because there is still a group of people behind them who have to feed themselves, they have to pay for the cost and manage the risk.