Why Brand Foot Sofa So Favored?

- Jun 01, 2018-

The quality of branded foot sofas is unquestionable, which is one of the reasons why many consumers like it. So where is the brand sofa? As an ordinary consumer is difficult to judge, the following Shanghai Xinyu sofa factory to this issue for everyone to make an analysis:

First, fabric

    In order to achieve the balance of the style, shape and color of the foot sofa, the designer carefully selects the suitable fabrics. The dyeing cloth and the dyed cloth are usually used. The color fastness meets the national standard. Feel delicate and supple, strong sense of three-dimensional, suitable for dry cleaning, invariability does not fade.

Second, metal accessories

    Metal accessories are an important part of the pedicure sofa. The quality of the pedicure sofa directly affects the perception, feel and durability of the pedicure sofa. The hardware accessories of the pedicure sofa should be free of defects, smooth, and evenly plated high-quality hardware accessories. Show the material aesthetics of the product. It is a high-quality hardwood treated with special techniques such as drying and insect repellent. It is carefully crafted by an experienced woodworking master and can withstand your rest and children's bouncing for a long time. It has sufficient applicability and durability.

Third, the chassis

    The footrest of the footrest sofa is an important foundation for long-term use of the product. The selection of the undercarriage is quality hardwood treated with special techniques such as drying and pest control. It is carefully crafted by experienced woodworking masters, and can withstand your rest and children's bouncing for a long time, with sufficient applicability and durability.

Fourth, the base cloth

    The use of strong, elastic and high-quality fine linen base, refreshing, dry, breathable and durable, suitable for all kinds of climate areas.

Fifth, cushion

    Sponge is the main material for foot sofa. According to the design characteristics of each foot sofa, high-elasticity cotton, super-cotton, soft cotton, and hard sponge are used to make the shop's production materials.

    In summary, it is not difficult to see that the brand is always a brand, and it is still very different from the common ordinary foot sofa products. Not only that, branded foot reflexology sofas give people peace of mind, both in terms of product quality and after-sales service. Now you know the benefits of choosing a brand.