Why American Furniture Can Become A Hot Commodity In The Furniture Industry

- Sep 14, 2018-

Simple American furniture is dressed up in a new home, elegant and romantic, with a distinctive modern and exotic style. Simple American furniture is indeed worthy of everyone's choice. If the Chinese style is solemn and calm, the Japanese style is bleak and quiet, the European style is expensive, and the American style is rough and natural. American furniture has a natural hard and unrestrained, single wood and rough lines, modern and classical collisions, like colonial Americans, freedom, independence and courage.

With the influence of Hollywood movies, American dramas and other film and television cultures on modern people, American-style furniture is increasingly favored by the market. At the same time as localization, American furniture has also developed a variety of different styles. The simple American style furniture that combines modernity, simplicity and traditional American style is one of the most popular ones.

From the taller to the appropriate size

Influenced by the architecture in the early days, the traditional American single-family houses have large space and many rooms, and the furniture design is trended by large size. However, with the development of the population, the number of urban apartments has increased, and the housing area is no more than the single-family houses in the suburbs, which makes the tall American furniture manufacturers gradually shrink in size. The size and use of buildings in Asia are also receiving increasing attention. Today's American furniture is not as heavy and space-consuming as it used to be.

From complex to simple design concept

In terms of style, the simple American style abandons the complicated pattern of animal foot decoration, retaining the traditional beauty of traditional American style with smooth lines, which is neither cumbersome nor lingering, elegant and harmonious, bright and generous, with a strong diversity. Breathing, combined with the oriental craftsmanship, the romantic feelings of Huaigu are quite simple and practical, making the home space open and tolerant, making people feel uncomfortable and relaxed.

The same line of environmental protection and nature

Traditional American furniture is made of solid wood such as black walnut, ash, peach, maple, etc., which is naturally comfortable. Ash is one of the main materials of American high-end furniture. The overall stability of the furniture is not easy to deform, and it is tough and resistant. Using ash as the raw material, the water-based wood lacquer was chosen on the surface, which preserved the smooth and rough texture of the ash, while retaining the natural beauty of the wood. In addition, the water-based paint that is safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly is more in line with the American concept of environmental protection, making home life more comfortable and comfortable.

With the changes of the times, casual and comfortable American furniture is more and more compatible with modern people's pursuit of free romantic soul, and simple American furniture has gradually become the trend of high-end furniture market. Natural, practical and simple American furniture may reflect the modern people's pursuit of leisure and comfortable American life in fast-paced urban life.

American furniture, originated from the original American lifestyle, a state of intellectual leisure, no loss of femininity, no complexity, let you enjoy the elegant "lazy, comfortable, free life."

Just like the American American home in a common American movie, there are photos of family members in the corner, a small garden with a balcony that is not willing to give up, an open kitchen around the laughter of the whole family, and a bright bathroom to remove fatigue. American home is not just a style, but also a life attitude, I believe you will fall in love with it. Comfort After visiting a variety of dazzling European and American classical and modern furniture, American furniture is probably the easiest to make you feel close. Most people's intuitive first impression of American furniture is bulky, heavy and comfortable. Indeed, comfort is the first element of American furniture. Inclusive American home style is an inclusive style. The United States is a colonial country and a new immigrant country. The United States, which is a nation from all over the world and a United States, is undoubtedly the largest cultural melting pot in the world. This culture has fostered an American style of inclusive furniture.

Since the United States is an immigrant country, its immigrants come to various European countries, and its furniture also contains elements of European countries. It has the British classical Queen Anne style, the mission elements of modern Britain, and the Baroque style of French Louis XIV. The Rococo style of Louis XV, the neoclassical style of Louis XVI, and the elements of Germany, Italy, and Spain. So these elements are finally in the United States.

The important feature of practical American furniture is that it is more practical, there is a table dedicated to sewing; a large dining table that can be lengthened or split into several small tables. American furniture is made of good wood, generally thick and strong. ,durable. An American-style furniture can generally be used for decades. For hundreds of years, my grandfather used it to pass to his father, and his father used it to pass to his son. In American families, if you have a piece of furniture that your grandmother used, it will definitely be placed in the most prominent position in the home, which is a pride for Americans. The practicality of American furniture is reflected in his versatility. Because American furniture is large in size, it is more convenient to use. According to the style design, many American furniture like wardrobes may also be used as TV cabinets. Some cabinets can be used. Used to make a dressing table, greatly enhancing his practicality