What To Do If The Sofa Is Soaked

- May 25, 2018-

As one of the furniture in our lives, the sofa makes us feel comfortable and happy. Due to the high frequency of use, problems of this sort or another often occur. Sometimes we will be overwhelmed by solving these problems. Some methods taken without professional knowledge will make them more vulnerable. Below, Shanghai Xuanyi Sofa Factory (www.021sofa.com) will share the solutions and precautions for the sofa soaking problem.

    First of all, when the sofa is immersed in water, do not expose the sofa to the sun. Many people think that the sofa after soaking should be dehumidified as soon as possible, but you must understand that whether the leather sofa or the fabric sofa has a wooden frame inside, the wood goes through After the water passes through the sun, it will undergo thermal expansion and contraction. In some places, it will even crack, deform, and the performance will become even more dilapidated, even supporting the foundation of the sofa will fragment, affect the support of the sofa. Secondly, the cushions and cushions of fabric sofas are high-elastic sponges, most of which can be disassembled. Simply remove the sponge and dry it. If it is a leather sofa, it is best to take the natural air-drying method, which can be used conditionally. The dehumidifier completely evaporates the internal moisture of the sofa and returns to its original state. Although the sponge can absorb water, it may cause mold inside if it is placed for a long time. Face packs are conditionally removed and cleaned. Again, after the sofa is blown dry, the skin of the sofa may be hardened due to the soaking of water. At this time, the leather softener can be used for scrubbing. The cleaning method should be washed with water and then hand-wrung and sprayed. Apply leather care agent to slightly moist, gently rub the surface of the leather, apply each part in sequence, until the complete care of the leather surface is completed. Finally, after the maintenance, you should regularly check the sofa for signs of moldy growth, check the sofa's wrinkles, check the bottom and back of the sofa for moisture, smell musty, and feel mildew. If there is a sofa moldy phenomenon, do not do self-care, you should ask a professional cleaning cleaning staff to come to care to avoid greater damage to the sofa.