What Is The Difference Between Electric Foot Sofa And Pneumatic Foot Sofa?

- Jun 02, 2018-

There are three types of foot bath sofas by function: electric foot bath sofas, manual foot bath sofas and pneumatic foot bath sofas.

      1. Electric pedicure sofa is mainly controlled by electric power to control the sofa backrest, built-in motor, after inserting power, adjust the angle of the back of the sofa through the handle placed on the sofa armrest. It is more convenient and faster to use.

      2, pneumatic foot sofa is mainly used to control the hydraulic lift rod to lift the back of the sofa, the customer through the installation of the controller on the sofa armrest, the human body press down forcefully to achieve the sofa back down, and then through the controller to achieve a sofa back up height. It is more difficult to use than an electric foot sofa, but the cost is lower than the electric one.

       3, Manual foot sofa is installed on the back of the sofa behind a block support plate, behind the back with three or four rails, artificial to adjust the support plate to adjust the back of the lift. The footrest sofa of the manual model is more used than before, but few customers choose this style now.