What Are The Factors That Determine The Price Of The Massage Bed?

- May 21, 2018-

The price of massage beds is affected by many factors, ranging from a few hundred dollars to over ten thousand yuan. Different materials and styles of massage bed prices are different. To understand the price of massage beds, we must first understand what features we need to purchase with a massage bed. Below, Xuan Yi Furniture analyzes what factors determine the price of massage beds.

1. style structure

    There are many different styles of massage beds. For different styles and different massage and beauty items, the styles you choose are not the same. Simple styles in the production process due to less material, the short production cycle, the price will naturally be cheaper. With cabinet doors and drawers, the styles are complicated, and some of the material costs and construction costs required for European-style sculptures are relatively large, so the prices are naturally more expensive than the simple ones.

2. fabrics, sponges

    First of all, the fabric of the massage bed is generally two kinds of fabric and leather, and the general use of leather is more. Ordinary fabrics and leather prices are similar. There are many fabric styles in the market, and the price of fabrics ranges from a dozen to a few tens of yuan. If leather is selected, the leather material required for a bed is about 160 feet, and the price naturally rises. Therefore, the choice of fabric quality is also one of the factors affecting the price of massage beds. Second, the massage bed sponge. There are also many types of it, all kinds of density, all kinds of materials, prices have a difference.

3. function

  The function of the massage bed This feature has the greatest impact on the price of the massage bed. The function-based massage bed is mainly for home use. The market price is several thousand or even tens of thousands. Its functions are electric lift, full body electric massage and so on. The price of fixed massage beds without features ranges from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars.

     The above are the three factors that affect the price of the massage bed. Of course there are other things that affect the price of the massage bed, such as its size and brand. Everyone can be used as a reference when purchasing.