Western Restaurant Classification Features

- Jun 01, 2018-

Western restaurants are broadly divided into two major Western and Eastern Europe, Western Europe is most famous in France, in addition to British, Italian, etc.; Eastern Europe is represented by the Czech Republic, Russia. Western restaurant types:

1. Shelter This is the hotel's most formal high-level Western restaurant, but also reflect the level of hotel Western food. Its location, design, decoration, color, lighting, food, service, etc. are very particular about. The boudoir mainly supplies burdock, sheep's mutton, sirloin, western food, and special meals. At the same time can also hold Western banquets and so on.

 2. Cafe This is a convenient restaurant that the hotel must set up. According to different design styles, some are called coffee rooms, cafeterias, etc. The supply is based on western food. In China, it is also possible to add a little Chinese snacks such as flour, noodles and porridge. Usually guests are ready to eat. The supply must be quick and convenient for the guests. In addition to the year-round supply of varieties, Leidson also needs a special daily meal. The supply of varieties can be reduced, but the quality requirements are high. Guests can have a formal western meal here, or just have a coffee or a cold drink and follow the guests. The coffee shop is open for a long time, usually from 6:00 in the morning to 1 in the evening. The price is relatively cheap, but the turnover is large.

 3. Bar This is a place for guests to drink quietly. The decoration and furniture facilities must pay attention because it is also a place reflecting the level of the hotel. It is usually located near the lobby. The variety of drinks on display in the bar counter must be sufficient. The wines and wines must be dazzling and luxurious. Bartending and service should be very particular about the hotel level.

4. Tea Room Also known as the teahouse, this is a more elegant restaurant, generally located near the main entrance lobby, which is also a restaurant that reflects the hotel's level of style. It is a place for guests to meet, relax and socialize. The supply of food and cafes are slightly the same, but Chinese dining is not available. The business hours are slightly earlier than the closing of the cafe. In the morning market, a higher-level Western buffet can be served. Arrange piano or small band accompaniments early and late to create an elegant atmosphere.