Use Solid Wood Furniture Should Also Pay Attention To Maintenance

- May 29, 2018-

In our daily lives, the use of wooden furniture ( has become ubiquitous. And with the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for furniture grades have also gone a step further. Good furniture grows from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Therefore, while we are pursuing the enjoyment of high-quality furniture, we must not forget the maintenance and maintenance of solid wood furniture. Here's a simple introduction to the use of wood furniture in the process of some of the matters needing attention:

 1, furniture surface and cabinet

   The suitable temperature of the furniture is 1824 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity is 35% 40%.

   Avoid sunlight on the furniture as a whole or part of the prolonged exposure, place the best place to be able to avoid sunlight. When the room is relatively dry, consider using an air humidifier, but do not spray directly on the furniture.

     Cups, lamps, accessories, etc., need to be placed on the table and should be protected with a felt made of natural or artificial fibers with a more stable performance.

     Prevent dust. Especially the exquisite carved decoration, such as can not be regularly cleaned ash, small cracks easily affect the appearance of gray.

      Regular waxing twice a year, so that the home has a shiny and the surface will not vacuum, it is easier to clean.

   2, hardware accessories

Please do not use alcohol, ammonia wipe, this will wipe off the surface protective layer, the color will dim for a long time.

3, stone

    Avoid impact, corrosive liquids, excessive light or high temperatures.

     Also place a mat on the bottom when placing a cup or jewelry.

    If you need to store or carry stone panels, please be careful not to stand upright. Keep it horizontally and do not have heavy objects on the top.