Understand The Types Of Sauna Sofa Sponges, Choose Sofa Products

- Jun 01, 2018-

Sponge is the most important filling material for sauna sofa. The quality of sauna sofa sponge directly affects the comfort and service life of sofa. High-quality sponge is made from natural oil. The material is elastic, clean and odorless. It can be released by hand and the rebound is obviously better. The low-cost reclaimed cotton is mostly recycled and processed by spongy waste. The color is dark and pungent, and its feel is brittle and hard. The general sponge can be divided into the following four categories:

   1. Penstock (The longer the sprayed cotton fiber, the better the quality) All large sauna sofas are cushioned with a layer of spray-coated cotton on the 35-density sea surface. The use of sprayed cotton can reduce the friction between the fabric and the sponge, increase the smoothness of the sitting sensation, and make the lines of the sofa look particularly soft and vivid.

   2. Zhenzhumian Zhenzhumian is specially processed by high-pressure process, and it is the smallest molecule among all sponges with the highest elastic resilience. EPE is compressed and its texture is tightly arranged in a bead shape. With the process of use, its Pearl particles will gradually release the internal stress, with more and more fluffy characteristics, so the use of EPE processing pockets shape fullness is particularly good, and the resilience is very tough. However, the cost of Zhenzhumian is relatively expensive, so it is generally only used in sauna sauna pillows and lumbar pillows that have the highest frequency of use and the most destructive force.

   Third, the doll cotton sponge pillow because of the need for a particularly soft and comfortable texture, while the spine has a very good supporting role, it is recommended to use the density is generally 30 3A fine silk doll cotton, this sponge texture is close to the natural Just popped out of cotton, but more flexible and resilient, pure cotton, environmental protection and no odor.

   Fourth, stereotyped cotton Special shape of the sponge, good manufacturers are using a whole piece of stereotypes sponge foaming completed. In order to save the cost, many manufacturers use the sponge material to bond into a whole piece and cut it into pieces. The service life and flexibility of the sponge are greatly reduced.