TV Sofa With Introduction And Description

- Jun 05, 2018-

Sofas with TVs were originally used for baths and foot spas, mainly with a TV set in front of the lounge sofa, so they have a TV sofa. It can meet the different needs of different guests watching TV programs, and later developed into hospitals, hotels, hotels, and families.

Sofas with televisions are available with TVs with sofas and televisions with double sofas.

      The sofa-seat sofa assembly generally includes: an electric sofa, a coffee table (marble or fire board), an LCD TV (conventional 15-inch LCD flat screen), which is the simplest combination, and According to the actual needs of customers with single-position control panel, which can control a sofa and television system. In order to save costs, customers can also choose to replace the coffee table with a TV stand.

     The two-seat sofa with TV set generally includes: two electric sofas, a coffee table, two LCD TVs (can also be configured with one), which is the easiest configuration with a two-seat sofa. If you choose a more upscale reconfigurable two TV stands, a dual-position control panel with pagers and other functions.

    Therefore, the price of sofas with TVs is priced according to the actual configuration of the customers. Under normal circumstances, the price of single-person sofas with TV sets is about two thousand yuan, and that of two-person TV sets ranges from three to four thousand.