Total Lead Content In Substrate For Chair

- Apr 21, 2018-

Total lead content in substrate 

US:CPSIA: 100mg/kg 


Limit: 90mg/kg 

All accessible substrate materials in the as received state shall not contain lead or lead components in which the lead content is in excess of 90mg/kg (ppm) of the weight of the total content on items which: - during normal use would require the product be brought to the mouth, or  - are intended for children under 3 years of age for use in learning or play 


EU: REACH Annex XVII entry 63  Paragraph 7: Limit: 0.05% or 0.05 µg/cm² /h (equivalent to 0.05 µg/g/h) Applicable to articles or accessible parts of articles for general public if such articles or components may be placed in the mouth by children Note: Can be placed in mouth by children is defined as any dimension of the item is less than 5 cm. 


Korea: Korea Safety Quality Labeling Annex 3 Limit:

≤90mg/kg Leather Products: Products having surface covered with more than 60% of genuine leather, artificial leather (coated leather, laminated leather, recombinant leather, synthetic leather) and genuine fur