Top 10 Design Trends In European Furniture

- Sep 17, 2018-

Trend 1: Environmental protection

Any European furniture, whether imported, or domestic high-end brands, or how high the price and grade, as long as there is a problem in the quality of environmental protection, then such European furniture is not worth buying.

In fact, this is exactly the problem that many high-end European furniture brands are trying to solve. Some brands have done very well and are expected to become the mainstream trend of the whole industry. Fuyi Home, which has always been regarded as the benchmark of European furniture, strictly controls the possible harmful substances of European furniture from the source, and uses the most environmentally friendly accessories. For example, all furniture coatings are all from AkzoNobel (in the world's top ten paint brands list, In the first place).

Trend 2: Fashion

How can European furniture be fashionable? This is a problem. European furniture after fashion, will older people like it? This is the second question.

In fact, there is a clear trend now. Younger elites under the age of 35 are not a minority. They have a significant change in their preference for European furniture. Many of them do not like the stereotyped and serious traditional European style. Furniture, on the contrary, is easy, stylish, simple, and more creative, and fashionable European furniture is the most popular among them.

How to be fashionable? This is mainly to add fashion elements to the design, such as simple style, more jumping colors, bolder and more creative styles, such as the British leisure series of Fu Yi Home, which is an obvious case.

Trend 3: Cross-border

The design of European furniture is being staged across the border, the most obvious being from the fashion design community. Another phenomenon is that many well-known clothing products have introduced household products with consistent styles, such as H&M, ZARA, and MUJI.

For a long time, clothing and shoes have always been the high ground of design creativity, and the idea is erupting at any time. The cross-border of the two fields is reflected in the combination of color, line design and pattern drawing. A lot of luxury is the same.

Trend 4: Chinese traditional cultural elements

A few years ago, European furniture was considering the combination with traditional Chinese culture. On some high-end furniture products, there were a lot of Chinese cultural elements. For example, the English classic series of Fuyi Home has many Chinese landscape paintings.

This is the trend, the trend is getting stronger and stronger. There will be more European furniture using Chinese culture, Meilan bamboo and chrysanthemum, landscape painting, Chinese mascot, and elements such as Xiangyun, Bamboo slip, Qin brick Hanwa, Chinese knot, brush, seal, Ruyi, etc., will be properly applied to European furniture.