Three Types Of Bath Massage Sofa Configuration Program

- May 24, 2018-

Bathing and massage sofas are often used in recreational centers such as conference halls, bathing centers, and spas. Different venues require different configuration attributes. There are three types of collocations: luxury, medium and simple configurations.

First, simple bath massage sofa


  The configuration of this program is mainly based on the main hall, there is enough space, placed on the electric armless bath massage sofa, two sofas with a coffee table, can be marble or solid wood surface, according to the specific The decor of the hall depends on the style.


Second, in the single with a bath massage sofa


   The configuration of single-person bathing and massage sofas is more graded than that of the simple ones, and it brings the best value for customers because of the upgrading of its function configuration. Its configuration can be divided into two forms. One sofa is equipped with a set of TV. The TV can be directly mounted on the armrest of the sofa through the TV bracket, or a coffee table can be placed on each sofa to place the TV so that you can enjoy foot massage again. , Enjoy the customer's favorite TV program.


Third, luxury bath massage sofa


   Luxury is not only visually included in the spirit. This configuration scheme is that two sets of sofas are equipped with two sets of televisions by arranging a marble coffee table, and the second difference is that the adjustment of the television and the sofa does not need to pass the handle or the remote controller, and the device is in the double position control of the coffee table. The panel can be simply operated. This set of configuration above has everything the customer needs. To a greater extent, the function of the bath massage sofa is at its best.


   The above is just a few of our proposed configurations. Of course, the specific collocation plan still depends on your actual needs.