Thirteen Of The Pedicure Sofas In Use Of Family Saunas

- Jun 05, 2018-

First, there is a special high-temperature and high-humidity environment in sauna equipment, so no matter what kind of constitutional people go in, they should be fully prepared to prevent accidents, especially those who are in poor physical condition and must wash. Should pay attention.

Second, you can use the sauna after showering.

3. In the sauna, people can go hand in hand, pay attention to the timely replenishment of water before steaming and steaming, do not wait until thirst and then drink water, or you can carry a bottle of water with you at any time to add water.

4. If you feel chest tightness or have other uncomfortable feelings, immediately leave the sauna and lie down flat in the well-ventilated area and drink some cool plain water (be careful not to drink water that is too cold)

Fifth, do not eat after dinner or fasting sauna.

6. After a strenuous exercise, take a rest for 20 minutes until the body cools.

7. Do not drink alcohol in the sauna. Human sweat glands are nourished by blood. When sweating, moisture, minerals, fatty acids and toxins are excreted from the blood. After a few minutes, the blood needs to replenish the lost ingredients, that is, absorb water and even toxins from other tissues. If you drink in the sauna, this cycle will be disturbed.

8. Avoid using warm showers after the sauna because it will lose the effect of the sauna. The body must be cooled after the bath, otherwise the stress on the heart and blood circulation will be great. And the sudden temperature change can stimulate the nerve endings and internal organs, this is the advantage of the sauna

Nine, do not need to wipe sweat with a dry towel after the sauna, should allow the sweat to evaporate and naturally cool. The intention of sweating is to cool the body.

Tenth, after bathing, you can't get up too quickly, especially for the elderly. Be sure to take a proper rest and then get up slowly.

11. If you feel dizzy when using the sauna, you should stop using it immediately.

Twelve, the sauna temperature should not exceed 80 °C.

13. The stay in the sauna must not exceed 15 minutes.