The Size Of Tables And Chairs In Internet Cafes Has A Great Impact On Health

- May 23, 2018-

According to the functional size and comfort level of the human body, the country has established corresponding standards for the dimensions of some cyber cafes, such as cafe tables, cafe chairs, and cafes. If the dimensions of the Internet cafe tables and chairs differ by a few centimeters from the standard, although there is no big difference from the outside, people may suffer from problems such as spine deformation, lumbar muscle strain and vision loss. We have listed several common Internet cafe tables and chairs and Internet cafe sofas for reference.

The difference in the height of tables and chairs in cafes is between 280mm and 300mm; the height below the computer tables of Internet cafes is not less than 580mm and the width is not less than 520mm. Internet cafe tables are too short or too high cafe chairs can affect people's spine and lumbar spine, especially for children's vision and growth. If the space below the desk does not meet the standards, the legs cannot move freely.

In addition, because each model of the Internet cafe display model is not the same, in the selection of the Internet cafe table, to be combined with the height of the Internet cafe table and cafe seats to calculate. If people's eyes are right in the center of the display, it means that the height of the cafe tables and chairs is appropriate.

Internet cafe chair: 440mm is a healthy height. An Internet cafe chair cushion that is too high or too low from the ground will make the leg unable to land normally. After a long time, the leg nerves will be squeezed.

Internet cafe sofa: Internet cafe sofa seat front width not less than 480mm; seat depth should be between 480mm-600mm; seat height should be 360mm-420mm range. Nowadays, some simple and stylish low-net cafe sofas are favored by young people. However, the height and width of sofas in cafes are closely related to health. If the front width of the sofa bar sofa seat is less than the standard, the space of the cyber cafe sofa will become narrow; the depth of the seat surface is too deep, the calf cannot be drooped naturally, and the calf is easily oppressed; if it is too light, it will make people unable to sit still Feelings; seats are too high, like sitting in a high chair, very uncomfortable, if too low, people will feel more strenuous when they stand up.

Judging whether the dimensions of the cafe chairs, cafe tables, and cafes are suitable, the best way is to try them personally. If you go online at a cyber cafe computer desk for a while, you may feel back pain. It is very likely that there is a problem with the dimensions of your cyber cafe tables and chairs. Therefore, when selecting Internet cafes computer tables, Internet cafes computer chairs, Internet cafes, be sure to try more, ask more, you can also according to personal circumstances.