The Potential For Furniture To The Countryside Is Huge, And Understanding People’s Hearts Is King

- May 30, 2018-

In order to promote consumption growth, since 2009, the Chinese government has successively introduced policies to stimulate consumption, including household appliances, cars to the countryside, trade-in replacements, subsidies for energy-saving products, and other incentives. In response to relevant policies, sales of home appliances and automobiles in China have reached record highs.

As stimulus policies are gradually phased out, which products will become the focus of the next round of policy support become the focus of market attention. In fact, as early as the national business conference at the beginning of this year, Chen Deming had revealed that he was studying new policies to promote consumer substitution. Experts pointed out that furniture may be the focus of the next support.


  The rural furniture market has shown great potential, and the current lack of brand furniture in the rural market has made it possible for the province's large-scale furniture manufacturing enterprises to reach the rural market.

The furniture should go to the countryside

 First, the purchase forms of rural furniture are mostly grouped. Even though the number of buyers who are close to each other is relatively small, the number of buyers is not small.

The second is the purchase of furniture mostly complete sets, batch-based.

The third is that the styles are mostly traditional and practical, and the color of the finish is mainly dark, thick, festive and warm colors. Due to the spaciousness of rural housing, the choice of furniture is mostly larger and more stretched.

Fourth, the wood products are concentrated on solid wood, integrated boards and MDF.

Fifth, bamboo and plastic furniture sell well.

Sixth, low-grade furniture and old furniture have lost their market, and high-end and high-end furniture has been actively purchased.

Seventh, our desire for new things is more and more intense.

The difference from the “Home Appliances Going to the Countryside” government subsidy is that the preferential treatment given to farmers by the furniture to the countryside is paid by the manufacturers themselves and has nothing to do with government subsidies. Enterprises want to go to the countryside smoothly, we must ensure product quality and company reputation, understand the needs of farmers, and achieve the "peasant heart."