The Origin Of Foot Reflexology

- May 29, 2018-

Foot reflexology is an important part of traditional medicine. It is one of the unique therapies created in the long medical practice through the joint efforts of the physicians of our country. It is in accordance with the principle of TCM syndrome differentiation, using the meridian and physiological principle of the foot, and pressing, massaging, stimulating, applying, acupuncture, medicine and other methods through the foot medicated bath, the foot reflex area of the foot, and the foot acupoints. In order to adjust the human body's qi and blood function, to help eliminate evil spirits, reconcile yin and yang, and help prevent and treat diseases.

   Pedicures include foot baths, massages, acupunctures, applicators, and many more. However, foot baths and foot massages are two of the best treatments for home use. According to the history of medical development, the origin of foot reflexology is far earlier than other therapies.

In ancient times, due to unexpected accidents in the natural world or certain willingness to cause physical injuries, the body developed symptoms such as pain or discomfort. People intentionally or unintentionally touched certain parts of the foot with their hands or other instruments and found that the pain was relieved and the symptoms were relieved; It has also been found that after exhaustion, washing feet with hot water can relieve fatigue, etc., and people newly realize that diseases can be treated by stimulating the feet. After long-term exploration and summarization, it gradually evolved into the current method of foot washing, foot massage, foot application, foot exercise, and acupuncture at the foot. According to Records of the Historian, in the ancient times of the Yellow Emperor, there was a clever medical doctor named Yu Yu, ancient Chinese characters Yu and He Yutong, and “Xiang” meant to cure the disease from foot massage. Yu Ting’s medical treatment is very high. When the doctor of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States period treated the corpse for the prince of the Warring States Period, the receptionist who had received him was very appreciative of Yu Hao, saying that he did not treat him as “draining and drinking”. Can "see disease by one click.