The Most Comfortable And Expensive Lounge Chair

- Nov 02, 2018-

With the advancement of science and technology and the quality of people's lives, more and more high-tech products are beginning to appear in our lives, many of which are “reconstructions” of products that we are very familiar with and often do not care about. Such as the chairs we see and use every day, through the designer's hand, an ordinary chair can also become a technological explosion, this chair called Elysium is the best proof.

Elysium is a smart recliner that designer David Wickett spent 10 years building. It automatically adjusts the angle to make the user's body most comfortable and relaxed. It is therefore the most comfortable chair in the world. . In addition, lying on top of the Elysium, it seems that the body is floating in the air, and even feel a weightlessness!

It is reported that the Elysium recliner is designed by the designer. The frame is made of carbon fiber. The reclining chair is between lying and sitting. The angle of inclination is 25 degrees, which can evenly distribute the weight of the user's body on all parts of the Elysium. Can make users feel the most relaxing. At the same time, Elysium recliner can also adjust the angle according to the change of the user's body weight, which is the biggest intelligent function of this recliner.

In addition to being the most comfortable chair in the world, Elysium is probably the most expensive chair in the world, priced at up to 26,000 US dollars, can be called a high-cost lounge chair. However, this high-priced sun lounger is not something you can buy if you have money. The global limit is only 20 pieces.