The Future Development Of Internet Cafe Tables And Chairs Internet Cafes One Sofa Or Will Become The Mainstream

- May 23, 2018-

Modern Internet cafes With the continuous development of society, there have been many changes in the requirements for decoration, computer configuration and Internet cafe seating compared with the traditional. The following, Xuan Yi furniture to introduce everyone to three types of Internet cafes one sofa.

1, simple Internet cafe one sofa

   This section is a soft package structure. The bottom frame is made of iron material. The mainframe can be placed on the computer. A bracket is welded on the frame. The movable table (ie, the keyboard tray) and the display are directly mounted on the bracket. People can easily access the Internet by sitting on the sofa and opening the activity table.

2, can lift the Internet cafe one sofa

 As shown in the figure, the multi-purpose iron frame is adopted in the sofa bar of the Internet cafe. Both the backrest and the front bezel can be freely lifted and adjusted electrically. Next to the iron frame, you can place the host. The main frame is welded with a TV bracket to install the keyboard tray, the Internet cafe sofa can be adjusted to any angle, and the TV angle can also be adjusted.

Third, electric massage Internet cafes one sofa

  This sofa is relatively high-end application of the site, in addition to the advantages of the inheritance adjustable one sofa, but also on the basis of the original configuration of electric massager, equivalent to our family massage chair, while surfing the Internet, enjoy the massage The fun is to make your internet no longer tired.