The Four Mainstreams Determine The Industry Direction Of Office Furniture

- Jun 16, 2018-

1. European and American office furniture

The European-European-style office furniture has always occupied a small portion of the market. Following the continuous improvement of the day's level, our residents’ knowledge has also changed a lot. European-style office furniture with its colorful, large momentum, and exquisite style allow Its rich and elegant sense of wealth, the owner's wealth and achievements can be reflected in the hearty and vivid. The craftsmanship on the workmanship makes people feel the common temperament. Therefore, European and American office furniture (round office furniture) has become a high-end consumer goods, luxury goods.

2. Chinese classical office furniture

After accumulating deposits, it will continue to be sought after. From the sky-high price of mahogany office furniture to the general price of new raw materials, classical Chinese homes can finally enter the homes of ordinary people. In fact, the biggest bottleneck of Chinese-style office furniture is the price, many people will think of Chinese-style office furniture will think of mahogany office furniture, but the price is destined to Chinese classical office furniture consumer shopping mall narrow, things are not intact, the most recent period of old The buzz of office furniture in beech shows the charm of Chinese classical office furniture. Redwood office furniture has become more and more important with China's position in the international community. The pride of the great powers has also made the people of the country have more pride and recognition of the things of the people. The production of office furniture with different raw materials has made the prices of office furniture fall. The popularity of classical office furniture will grow with the agility of the Chinese people.

3. Modern refined office furniture

It is still the embodiment of mainstream modern office furniture. The simple lines, the ergonomic structure, the vivid colors, the sleek and avant-garde styling, and especially the affordable price are still attractive to the working class in office furniture shopping malls. In addition to excluding price elements, we simply analyze the main stream of consumers. In the past few years, the main stream of married people will be 80s. After 80s, men and women will seek out fashionable and modern styles that are obvious, stylish, concise, and lively. Brightness is definitely the first choice. The style of plate office furniture, colors are all in keeping with the modern smell. Therefore, plate-type office furniture is definitely the mainstream, as long as it is modern and fashionable, it will become popular.

4. Avant-garde special office furniture

Seeking fashion is a permanent theme for young people. Therefore, there will be a proper number of people who will make a fuss about avant-garde special office furniture. My site is the proprietor of the M-Zone, but it also reflects the self-centered nature of the family. From more and more office furniture (round office furniture) planning and writing to the special and avant-garde, we can see that this kind of office furniture is not just sitting and talking about the stuff, and the days of entering the people have now begun.