The Electric Foot Bath Sofa Is Unstoppable

- May 29, 2018-

The electric footbath sofa, as a functional sofa product, has become the preferred product of major sauna leisure bathing centers. Not only is the upgrade above the functionality, but the greater advantage lies in the convenience of the guests.

 The back lift of the electric footbath sofa is completely completed by a set of sofa controllers, and the corresponding operation can be achieved simply by pressing the up or down button on the controller. This mode of adjustment has two functions. Both foot bath and massage can be completed on a footbath sofa.

 Footbath sofas feature ergonomic centers. Fully designed according to the human body characteristics of shape and comfort. Skeleton is mainly based on the steel frame as the main body. Assist the use of white pine and multi-layer board combination framework, fully consider the large flow of people in public places and take super reinforcement measures to ensure that users in addition to human and The irresistible force is not bad for five years.

   To sum up, such a functional foot bath sofa is bound to become a popular direction. Are you still using a fixed-back footbath sofa at the leisure center? Do not be outdated by the times, and quickly upgrade to a foot bath that meets the needs of the times!