The Difference Between Design Concepts, Materials And Maintenance Of Civil Furniture And Hotel Furniture

- Jun 11, 2018-

1. The difference between design concepts

The civil home has a distinct personal color and is completely based on the owner's preferences. Hotel furniture should also be based on the style of the hotel, although different hotel styles vary, but in the design of furniture should have the characteristics of elegance and common prosperity. Because consumers come from different countries in the South, North and even in the world, we must pay more attention to the humanization in the details of furniture design. For example, square-shaped bedside cabinets should be made with small rounded corners to prevent guests from accidentally bumping their heads. Some power control switches are placed where people can lie in bed to reach out and touch them. The desk or drawer is equipped with a power outlet, a computer network cable socket, and the room is neat and clean. It is safe and convenient for guests to use; There are relatively more European and American guests in grade hotels. Most of them are tall and tall, and the height of some beds can also be properly increased. So are sofas and chairs. Hotel furniture line requirements simple and neat, with minimal use of concave and convex lines, easy to clean and sanitary attendants; civilian furniture technology can be considered relatively complicated.

2. The difference in material

Hotel furniture is more damaged than civilian furniture, guests have different levels, and the concept of furniture love is also inconsistent, so the material requirements are very different:

1 Hotel furniture is suitable for high hardness, good scratch resistance paint, for example: Dabao paint can use model 638 series.

2 guest room lounge chair, coffee table, guests tend to smoke here, accidentally will burn the surface of the coffee table, design as much as possible consider the pressure glass table or directly with glass countertops; and civilian furniture generally do not need to consider. The flames should be considered in the fabric of the armchairs, and civil furniture should not be considered for this purpose.

3 Hotel furniture Relative to civilian furniture, the dryness of wood is better, the hotel opened air conditioning 24 hours, the air is relatively dry, high moisture content of the furniture is prone to cracks, severe breakage, the maximum moisture content when using wood can not exceed 10 degrees; and civilian furniture relative The demand is lower.

3. The difference between maintenance

Hotel furniture is relatively difficult to maintain with civilian furniture, civil furniture owners are more cherish their own property, use it more carefully, you can wax the furniture at intervals; but the hotel furniture cleaning workload, often difficult waxing, and then again If the furniture is not thoroughly cleaned before waxing, waxing will cause the furniture surface to be blurred and the clarity will be reduced. Once the wax is repaired, it will be more difficult to repair the damaged furniture. It is difficult to absorb the paint and paint, so the new hotel furniture Try not to wax it. We recommend the following steps for maintenance and cleaning. Prepare two rags. One is a dry rag and the other is a wet and dry rag. (Note: The rags must not be too wet. It is best to use a dry or damp cloth that has been dehydrated after it has been washed. Use a cotton cloth or a silk towel to wipe the cloth.) Use a dry rag to wipe off dust when cleaning. If there is any stain that can be wiped with a dry and damp cloth, if it is not clean, wipe with a water-soluble cleaner. For furniture used for a long time, if there is a phenomenon of loss of light can be considered wax: first with a dry cloth cotton cloth material wipe, clean the dust on the furniture surface after the furniture wax, or dust will cause the occurrence of wax spots, resulting in scratches . Ordinary spray wax, water wax can be, but must not use car wax, waxing from point to face, from shallow to deep, and gradually in-depth, must be more wiping, polishing so far.