The Detection Rate Of Unqualified Products Of Children's Furniture Reaches 30%

- Feb 01, 2018-

      The State Administration Of Quality Supervision, Inspection And Quarantine said in 2017, the third batchof children furniture product quality inspection result indicated that unqualified products detection rate was 30%, mainly involving edge and tip, holes and gaps, push and pull a small ark stability test,formaldehyde release and warning sign project, etc.

      According to requirements listed in GB 28007-28007 :the children furniture general technical conditions"  , The spot check is up to 50 projects ,including the edge of the children's furniture products and cutting-edge, protrusions and holes and gaps, tilting forward, warning marks.The inspection involves 50 children furniture products of five provinces .Some of these products are sold in Changsha.The issue of children's furniture is more prominent, which is closely related to its special consumption safety requirements.Head of the Hunan province furniture association said, according to the standard requirements for structure safety, harmful material set limit, children's furniture products should not have sharp edges and sharp tips, edges and corners hall be rounded or chamfered, but some manufacturers ignored this.

      It is understood that since this year, quality supervision announcements issued by all localities departments shows that some children furnitures on the market are unqualified , including some famous children furniture brands.According to incomplete statistics, from January - November this year, The General Administration Of Quality Supervision, Inspection And Quarantine Defective Product Management Center has released 14 children furniture products recall plan or announcement, involved children inclued high chairs, children bed, children's desk , etc.