The Details Of The Sofas In The Fabric Cafe During The Purchase And Use

- Jun 06, 2018-

The use of sofas in coffee shops is widely used in daily life. The longer it takes, the greater the loss of sofas in cafes and coffee shops. Therefore, sofas used in such places as coffee shops must have good product quality and maintenance.

   The fabric cafe sofa should be framed with ultra-stable structure and dry hardwood. There should be no prominent place, but the edges should have piping to highlight the shape of the sofa in the cafe; secondly, the main connection must be reinforced with glue and Screws are connected to the frame, whether it is plug-in, adhesive, bolted or whistle-connected, the connection must be maintained at every point to ensure longevity. For safety and comfort, the backrest also has the same requirements as the seat. Finally, if the café sofa has foam, it must be filled with cotton or polyester fiber to ensure comfort and stability.

The quality of elastic materials directly affects the comfort and service life of sofas in cafés. When elastic materials are selected for high density, good elasticity, and high pressure resistance, besides the feeling of sitting and sitting, the elasticity of the material must be considered. (ie, the degree of recovery). In general, a good resilient material is preferred. If the handle is bumpy or does not have flexibility when sitting down, such a café sofa must be bought with care. Check the resilience of the sofa in the cafe. The specific method is to allow the body to sit on the sofa in a free-falling manner, and the body is bounced at least twice by the sofa cushion of the cafe to ensure that the sofa of this set of cafes is flexible and has a long service life.

Note that the fabric cafe sofa can not be privately scrubbed with water, so as not to infiltrate the inner layer of the sofa in the cafe, the frame is damp and deformed, and the sofa fabric of the coffee shop shrinks, affecting the appearance. If it is stained, wipe it off with a clean cloth and a little clear water. In order not to leave any marks, it is best to wipe it from the outside of the stain. Velvet furniture must not be exposed to water and dry cleaning agents should be used. If the fabric cafe sofa is dirty to a certain extent, it should be completed by a professional cleaning company, using professional equipment and special cleaning agents, so as to completely remove the dirt. One year, the sofa of the cafe is cleaned once with detergent, but the detergent must be thoroughly washed away afterwards, otherwise it will be more susceptible to dirt. As for the selection of detergents, special cleaning agents containing antifouling agents may be selected. Some fluorenone sprays have a dustproof effect and can be sprayed once a month.