The China (Ganzhou) Furniture Industry Cross-border E-commerce Summit Was Held In Nankang

- Jun 23, 2018-

On the afternoon of June 21st, the 2018 China (Luzhou) Furniture Industry Digital Expo and Furniture Industry Cross-Border E-Commerce Summit was held in Nankang District, Quzhou City. More than 350 people from home and abroad attended the meeting.

The theme of the summit was Nankang Home Furnishing “Accelerating Industries to Accelerate Globalization” and was sponsored by the government of Nankang District of Ganzhou City and the Big Data Application and Experience Economy Research Institute of China Electronic Commerce Association. The Zhangzhou Branch of the Big Data Application and Experience Economy Research Institute of the China Electronic Commerce Association settled in Nankang and was unveiled at the scene. The summit gathered cross-border e-commerce platforms, cross-border Internet marketing services, international logistics, warehousing, cross-border payment, cross-border production and research, cross-border brand promotion, cross-border media, international organizations, foreign companies, and other companies. Professionals such as procurement consultants, together for Nankang furniture companies to make recommendations, matchmaking.

At the same time, the summit also invited,, Jingdong, Google, Alibaba,, and to deliver keynote speeches and live sharing. Shanghai Jiaotong University WorldFirst, Boju Technology, Yunke Group, etc. The main person in charge conducted in-depth dialogue and live sharing, and presented a valuable high-end theme forum to the guests.

It is understood that since the promotion of the China (Luzhou) Furniture Industry Fair in 2014 as a national exhibition, there have been new weather, new breakthroughs, and new achievements every year. It has become the national furniture industry development concept exchange, fashion show, design The evaluation meeting of the results and the press conference of industry standards have also established a more open, more efficient, and more international perspective of the exchange bridge and cooperation platform, which has become a truly national exhibition and has gained a certain reputation in the furniture industry at home and abroad. Has become a Nankang a "brilliant card."