The 23rd China International Furniture (Dalian) Exhibition Grandly Opens On June 21st

- Jun 23, 2018-

On June 21, 2018, the 23rd China International Furniture (Dalian) Exhibition and the 23rd Dalian International Building Materials and Decoration Materials Exhibition opened at Dalian World Expo Plaza and will last until the 24th. The 23rd China International Woodworking Machinery (Dalian) Exhibition, the 23rd China International Furniture Accessories and Raw Materials (Dalian) Exhibition were held in the same period. The China Furniture Association also held the "China Cabinet City" award ceremony on the site of the exhibition yesterday and formally granted the title of "China Cabinet City" to the Pulandian District of Dalian.

The Pulandian District has witnessed rapid development of the cabinet industry in recent years, and it has now formed a cabinet industry cluster. It is the leading nationwide exporter of solid wood cabinets and an important national cabinet production base. At present, there is one wood product industrial park with 56 wood products processing, cabinet manufacturing and supporting enterprises, and three cabinet manufacturing enterprises with more than 100 million yuan. The annual output value of wood industry in the whole region is more than 3 billion yuan, and the export value of solid wood cabinets accounts for more than 50% of the national export volume. The total export volume and sales volume rank first in the country.

According to Chen Shubin, president of the Dalian Furniture Association, Pulandian District was awarded the title of “City China Cabinet City,” and it is also a reflection of the transformation and development of the Dalian furniture industry. At present, the industry has not come out of the "winter", exports before the strength of the Dalian furniture industry, but because there is no cost advantage, Japan, Europe and the United States purchase orders continue to shift to Southeast Asia, Dalian furniture exports and four or five years ago The ratio is probably reduced by half. Japan, as the main export market of Dalian furniture, has almost no major changes in the price of furniture for 30 years, while the consumption tax has been raised. On the other hand, the raw material and labor costs of Chinese furniture companies have risen sharply in recent years. In contrast, the labor costs of Southeast Asian furniture companies are only about one-fifth to one-fourth that of Chinese companies.

In the face of this market situation, many Dalian furniture companies began to transition to the domestic market and build their own brands. Ten years ago, except for a few cases such as Huafeng and Guangming, the Dalian furniture industry had few well-known brands, and now there are twenty or thirty furniture brands that are relatively famous and influential in China. At the same time, the customization model will also become the norm in the furniture industry, and some companies have begun to lay out.