The 19th International Furniture Industry Exhibition Will Be Held In Chengdu

- Apr 04, 2018-

From June 6 to June 9, 2018, the 19th Chengdu International Furniture Industry Exhibition will be held at the Chengdu New International Convention and Exhibition Center and the Western China International Expo City. It is understood that this year's Chengdu Furniture Fair will continue to implement the "one city and two exhibitions" model, and for the first time use all the exhibition halls of Century City and West Bo City. The total exhibition area will reach 300,000 square meters. There will be more than 2,600 exhibitors and display customization. With the whole industry chain and furniture industry chain of smart home, the exhibition scale and the number of exhibitors have reached a new high.

As one of the three major furniture fairs in China and the preferred platform for domestic home furnishing in China, Chengdu Furniture Fair has been successfully held for 18 sessions. It has become an important platform for home furnishing brands to expand China, the world's largest home consumer market. In 2017, Chengdu Furniture Fair won the UFI certification and became one of the 900 UFI certification exhibitions in the world. It is the largest UFI certification exhibition in the Midwest. The quality, strength and internationalization of the exhibition have been recognized by global peers.

After obtaining UFI certification, Chengdu Furniture Fair effectively integrated UFI resources to enhance the internationalization of the exhibition. At present, Chengdu Furniture Fair has signed a cooperation agreement with DMG Exhibitions, a subsidiary of the British Daily Mail Group, to introduce the DMG Exhibition's International Home & Interior Decoration Fair to the 19th Chengdu Furniture Fair. Poland, Spain and other countries also Expressed a strong willingness to participate in the exhibition. At the same time, this Chengdu Furniture Fair also plans to introduce international first-line fashion brands and create "International Home Fashion Gallery." In addition, Chengdu Furniture Fair also actively established contacts with foreign embassies and consulates, foreign business associations and other institutions and discussed cooperation.

The 19th Chengdu Furniture Fair will continue to implement the "one city and two exhibitions" model, and usher in the new stance of the "Shuangmanguan" at the two venues of Century City and Xibo City. The total area exhibited by the two main venues will exceed 300,000 square meters for the first time, and more than 2,600 exhibitors will be exhibited. The scale of exhibition and exhibitors will create a record high for the Chengdu Furniture Fair!

The 19th Chengdu Furniture Fair will be subdivided again on the basis of the previous exhibition, and for the first time, the home furnishing dual industry chain will be displayed in the form of professional branches. Among them, the whole new industrial chain of customization and smart home will be displayed at the New Century Convention Center in Century City, and the entire industrial chain of furniture will be displayed at West Bo City. The scale of the main venue of the Century City will expand by 80% year-on-year.

The 19th Chengdu Furniture Fair also gathered high-quality resources, attracting large-scale exhibition groups of domestic and international big-name home furnishing, equipment, raw and auxiliary materials companies and some domestic provinces and cities to settle in. At present, Sofia, Shang Pinjia, Gold, Leituo, Jusen, Top-Guang, Ezine, Yadu, Era, Xinyue, Italian Bias, and South Korean East and other domestic and international first-line custom home and production equipment brands Be sure to exhibit at Century City. All-youth, South, and Beijing-based furniture brands will be stationed in Xibo City with an oversized booth of 2000m2. In addition, Zhihua Shi, Lily Lily, Zuo Xi, Xilinmen, Linshi Wood, Shenzhen CBD, Hunan Goodnight, Jinrong, Jinxin, Haorui Tools, Cutter Tools, Germany Odengdo, Italy SCM, Taiwan Yaobang, etc. The first-line home brands, equipment, and raw and auxiliary materials companies will also form a large-scale exhibition group; Fujian, Hebei, Jiangsu Nankang, Guangdong Shunde and other provinces outside the province will continue to organize large groups.