Ten Tips For Sofa And Furniture Cleaning

- Jun 11, 2018-

1. Wipe the dirty leather sofa with egg white

You can use a clean flannelette to remove some of the egg whites to remove the stains and brighten the skin as before.

2. wipe the refrigerator shell with toothpaste

The general dirt on the refrigerator shell can be wiped slowly with a soft cloth and a little toothpaste. If the stain is stubborn, squeeze some more toothpaste and wipe it again with a cloth. The refrigerator will be bright and clean. Because the toothpaste contains abrasives, the detergency is very strong.

3. milk rubbing wooden furniture

Take a clean rag and soak it in milk that has expired and can't be drunk. Then use this rag to wipe the wooden furniture such as desks and cabinets. The decontamination effect is very good. Finally wipe it again with clean water. Painted furniture is contaminated with dust, which can be wiped with tea slag wrapped in wet gauze, or scrubbed with cold tea, and will be brighter and brighter.

4. white radish scrub Taiwan

Cut white radish with a detergent to scrub the kitchen countertops will produce unexpected cleaning effects. You can also use sliced cucumbers and carrots instead. However, white radish works best.

5. alcohol cleaning plush sofa

The sofa with plush fabric can be brushed with a small amount of alcohol diluted with a brush, and then dried with a hair dryer. If it is stained with juice, mix it with 1 tsp baking soda powder and clean water, and wipe it with a cloth. The stain will be stained. Decline.

6. Apple nuclear oil

The pool in the kitchen often has a layer of oil. It just happens that after eating the apple, the kernel can be used to scrub the grease off. This is because the core contains pectin, and the pectin has the effect of removing grease.

7. with salt to the soup on the carpet

In families with children, there are often drops of soup on the carpet. Do not wipe it with a damp cloth. You should use a clean dry cloth or hand towel to dry the water, and then sprinkle some salt in the stain. After the salt surface penetrates and absorbs, use a vacuum cleaner to suck the salt away, and use a brush to level the carpet.

8. ice to remove chewing gum

Some children like to eat chewing gum and accidentally get on the carpet. The chewing gum sticking to the carpet is not easy to remove, so the ice can be packed in a plastic bag and covered on the chewing gum. After about 30 minutes, the hand pressure will feel hard, take the ice, and use a brush to brush it. Brush down.

9. clever use of plastic wrap

This is a lazy little trick. A cling film was posted on the wall near the kitchen in the kitchen. Due to the easy attachment of the cling film and the transparent appearance, it is not easily noticeable to the naked eye. After a few weeks, the cling film is covered with oil stains. Just gently remove the cling film and reapply a layer of it. Nothing at all. Laborious. For busy housewives on weekdays, it is a good way to facilitate laziness.

10. Raw wood furniture

Raw wood furniture can be sprayed directly on the furniture surface with water wax water, and then wiped with a soft dry cloth, the furniture will be bright and bright. If you find scratches on the surface, apply cod liver oil first, and wipe it with a damp cloth after a day. In addition, wipe with strong salt water to prevent wood decay and extend the life of the furniture