Summer Is So Hot, Don't Forget To Also Give Furniture Sunscreen

- Aug 17, 2018-

It’s the hottest day in the year, while we pay attention to sun protection, don’t forget that furniture and household items also need sun protection.

Wood floor: often ventilated, avoiding wet cloth

In summer, the air is humid and the light is strong. When the wooden floor is exposed to strong direct sunlight, whether it is solid wood or composite flooring, it is easy to accelerate their aging, discoloration and cracking. Therefore, it is necessary to ventilate frequently in the summer, especially for vacant rooms that are unoccupied for a long time. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that the floor is prone to arching and curling, and should be checked regularly.

At the same time, keep the floor dry and clean. Do not use a mop with a drip, wipe the floor with a damp cloth, or wipe the floor with alkaline water or soapy water to avoid damaging the gloss of the paint surface. It is recommended to apply once a week. When wiping the ground, be sure to wring the water. A layer of gauze can also be added to reduce the damage to the floor without blocking the sun.

Solid wood furniture: do not blow air conditioner

Although the air conditioner can cool down, it also causes the indoor air to dry. Many home cabinet air conditioners are located in the living room or restaurant. Generally, the air conditioners in the direction of direct air conditioners are also equipped with solid wood furniture. If it has been in the air vents of the air conditioner, the paint and wood of the furniture itself may change due to the loss of water, which is the reason why many solid wood furniture is “smoothly” cracked.

Sofa: sofa towel or bamboo mat

Whether it is a leather or a fabric sofa, avoid direct sunlight. It is recommended that the public put a comfortable absorbent sofa towel on the sofa or a bamboo mat that will not scratch the surface of the sofa, which not only absorbs sweat but also reduces the moisture on the surface of the furniture.