Some Important Points In The Competition Between Foot Sofa Manufacturers

- Jun 05, 2018-

First, adhere to the principle of good faith with quality as the cornerstone

For the pedicure sofa e-commerce industry, the price of a pedicure sofa is often the main factor that can most affect the consumer's psychology. It is for this reason that many people have firmly grasped this point and made famous pages. They actually sell some very poor foot massage couches.

It is because of such businesses, many consumers because of the cheaper to buy a poor quality foot recliner sofa supplies, in the later use process, only to find that they have suffered a loss. Nowadays, consumers who have “a lesson from the past” have become more rational, and consumers’ pursuit of foot massage couch products is even more remarkable than ever. The relevant staff members told reporters, “Today, many consumers are expecting a higher period of use of the foot couch during the conversation with the customer service staff. Consumers expect the use of a sofa to be at least six years. What is more concerned is whether this foot sofa is coordinated with the decoration style in the home, how the quality of the foot sofa is, how the brand reputation is like, and the cost-effective foot sofa will have more selling points in the new year.”

Second, with responsibility as the core, adhere to the example

Global climate change and its adverse effects are issues of common concern to mankind. In the face of global warming, the world is actively working. From the first World Climate Conference in 1979, to Copenhagen, to the Shanghai World Expo, the development of eco-environmental protection has long been no longer a cry for the militants’ lack of power. It is no longer the false slogan of governments of various countries. Closer to everyone's life - because it is not only related to the global economic and social development, but also closely related to each country, each industry, and everyone.

Third, to innovation as the goal to develop new materials

China is a leading manufacturer of sofas for foot massage, but China is not a country rich in forest resources. The global forest is mainly concentrated in South America, Russia, Central Africa and Southeast Asia. These four regions account for 60% of the world's forests, of which Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are the most, and 4 countries have 40% of the world's forests.

With the further reduction of the forest area, foot sofa companies should develop new energy to replace some of the use of wood. In addition to wood, the materials for the foot sofa include plastic, fabric, rattan, and paper. Among them, the paper foot sofa has attracted the attention of consumers by virtue of its unique charm. “Paper reflexology sofas have the ‘natural beauty’ and “natural paper can create a soft, natural and calm atmosphere in the living room. Most of the people who buy paper pedicure sofas are designers or art lovers. In addition, there are more foreigners. ”

Foot sofa e-commerce companies only adhere to the quality of the cornerstone, with responsibility as the core, with innovation as the goal, and actively assume the responsibility of corporate social citizens, set an example, in order to contribute to the construction of a green home.