Sofa Maintenance Knowledge

- Jun 06, 2018-

No matter what kind of sofa products, there will be more or less problems when the service life is too long. The expiration date of the business is to find businesses for repair, and the maintenance cost is also a lot of money. In order to save costs, in fact, some people can solve their own problems. Of course, during use, it is a very effective way to extend the service life of the sofa on a regular basis. Prior to this, Shanghai Sofa Factory had already introduced how to carry out maintenance and nursing of the sofa. Today, we will introduce how to analyze bad aspects of bad sofas and how to repair them.

Usually, the worst place for a sofa is nothing more than three things:

First, the sofa fabric is broken. Man-made is the most direct factor that directly affects the broken sofa fabric. If you break a piece or get a bad one, this situation cannot be solved by consumers themselves. We suggest that you directly get the sofa factory to change the fabric again.

Second, there are sponges and springs inside the sofa. Some bad eyes can be seen more powerfully, such as the sofa cushion recessed or sitting on the sofa to lose flexibility. In this case, we can remove the sofa jacket and see if the spring inside is broken. If it is broken, we will replace it with a new one. If the sponge foam is broken, we must replace it with a new one. Set up on the outside of the sofa. If it is a leather sofa, it is nailed up.

Third, sofa feet. Under normal circumstances, the sofa is broken is the best solution, directly remove the bad sofa feet from the sofa, and then find businesses enough to buy a pair of sofa sofas of the original models can be installed.