Small Size Custom-made Restaurant Furniture Became Popular

- Jun 08, 2018-

The restaurant furniture is no longer exclusive to the villa. Combined with living needs furniture design "all-round slimming." For the just-needed people whose economic strength is not too strong, small-sized units have the characteristics of compact space and reasonable prices. The smaller the area basically means the lower the total price, so it is widely favored; and some brand developers are also aware of the status quo of the demand for the property market, have already launched a small family product market. Under the background of the continuing influence of the New Deal, many people in the real estate industry generally believe that small and medium sized products will continue to be the mainstream of the market, because such products cater to policies and market demands, and their advantages will be further highlighted in the future.

Undoubtedly, the design of the product has been redesigned. The latest release of “New Victoria” is a major highlight. The company’s spacious, heavy body has been “all-rounded” according to Ross, vice president of advertising and marketing at Meike Home Furnishings. Lang introduced that it was precisely because of extensive market research that domestic consumers have changed their demand for home products because of the overall status of housing.The updated Victorian tie-in system is mainly designed for apartments and small villas, including a full range of products. As well as single-button decorative furniture and accessories, Roseland also said that in the future, it will continue to pay more attention to such consumer demand.

Modern elements of modern elements are integrated into more stylish features. Many details have also been improved. For example, restaurant furniture has always emphasized simple, clear lines and elegant, decent decoration. “New Victoria” continues the classic radical elements and is complemented by a deep antique brown finish and a product portfolio that adds different living spaces to enhance the harmony of the home style. It fully takes into account the needs of modern people. In addition, With its versatile design, the exterior still adheres to natural and rustic styles, but the invisible drawers have absorbed more space.The new products still use solid wood as the main body, but modern materials such as metal, glass, and new decorative panels have begun to be widely used. The restaurant's furniture in 2010 looks more neat and beautiful under the designer's wonderful hand that changed the classic wooden furniture era.

The personalized upgrade of home style pays more attention to simple, authentic lifestyle. This is also consistent with the restaurant's traditional classic nostalgia style, the most popular home lifestyle is the style of mixing, advocating nature. The natural, classic and mottled and old marks on the body seem to make time back and make life slow down. Modern people pursue personality, but they have a new understanding of the personalization of home life. According to Rosellan, he hopes that through new products, different lifestyles will be delivered. The classic furniture presents different styles: clear and uniform wood grain, classic and modern spirits. The graceful tapered wooden legs, compared to the classical bed, the sculpture on the four columns has been highly simplified, its width is also reduced accordingly ... These changes in the design details are trying to bring people a new experience.