Six Details Teach You To Choose High Quality Sofa

- Jun 07, 2018-

Choose the ideal sofa, whether it is external fabrics, materials, or high and low comfort, should be carefully considered. In addition, the inner quality of the sofa is also a part that can not be ignored. When a common purchaser chooses to sit on a sofa, it is difficult to determine the merits of the sofa by pressing a pressure. How can you pick a high quality sofa?

1. how to distinguish the fabric sofa fabric is good or bad

Different fabrics on the sofa have different touches.

In general, the printed pattern of thin fabric due to the process is simple and cheap; and pattern patterns belong to the woven up, it is thicker, but also more upscale. When you purchase, carefully observe the pattern of the fabric, which is the case. The pattern weaved by different lines of latitude and longitude has a three-dimensional effect and is not as smooth as the printed fabric. In addition, fabrics made from pure cotton and pure wool are higher than those of ordinary rayon fabrics.

    Intimate tips:

The inner quality of the sofa is also a part that can not be neglected. When the ordinary purchaser chooses to sit on a sofa, it is difficult to determine the merits of the sofa by pressing a pressure. The only way is to take a look inside. For some sofas that are not all-encompassed on the lower part, you can turn over and check the quality of the springs, plates, and sponges used to determine the quality of the sofa. For good sofas, internal springs require rust prevention. Wood used requires planing and no scars. In addition, good furniture brands have been working hard for years. Brand-name furniture incorporates good after-sales services, reliable quality, and fine workmanship, so the price is higher. If it is imported furniture, tariffs, freight, etc. will be added, and the price will be greatly increased.

2. Modern industry can already cut multi-layers of thick leather, so there is a layer of skin, two layers of skin and even layers of skin.

A layer of leather is the outermost layer. This layer of leather is good in toughness and elasticity. After being made into a sofa, it is difficult to be broken after repeated sitting and pressing. It is a high-grade fabric and can be seen clearly with a special magnifying glass. The pores; the second skin is the remaining skin of the sheet, the surface tension and toughness of the second skin is not as good as the first skin, and the long-term use of the surface paint film sofa will affect the overall effect and price of the sofa. Therefore need to be carefully selected, of course, the filling can not be ignored.

3. the problem: easy to produce cracks

The method of distinguishing the two layers of skin is: (1) The clear skin pores can be seen through the scalp; (2) The skin is lifted by hand, and the softness and elasticity of the skin are mostly scalp skin. In addition, the use of large leather, or spliced by small pieces of leather is also an aspect that affects the grade.

4. sofa feet

Some sofa legs are wood, some are metal, and some are pulleys. This detail should be carefully examined. The main thing is to be strong, the foot is not stable, and the sofa will not be comfortable to sit on.

5. the framework

Nowadays, European-style sofas adopt a frame-plus-cushion structure. In order to exhibit some special design sensations, some designs will deliberately expose a part of the frame, such as exposing the shiny metal, and interact with the leather material to create a wild effect. . Then this partially exposed framework should be clearly inspected. Be sure to check carefully whether it is easy to disassemble to facilitate future cleaning in use.

6. from the design point of view

Smart designers know that for modern people who are pursuing quality and detail, it's not what furniture they buy, but what kind of lifestyle and home style they can find. The sofa with unique style must consider the overall style of the room before it is bought, otherwise it will not be in harmony with the whole.