Several Important Structural Factors In The Foot Bath Sofa

- Jun 07, 2018-

In today's society, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life. They work hard for a day. What we want to do most is to return home to the United States and the United States to eat a meal, drink a hot bath, and then lie down. Look at the latest hit TV dramas or movies on the soft footbath sofa. I think a lot of people are in this kind of rhythm of life, but on the surface it seems to be a very pleasant life. In fact, there are many hidden dangers in our lives. Today, we will focus on talking about the foot bath sofa and take you to understand the structural elements of the foot bath sofa. Look at the foot bath sofa that does not reach the quality index how much harm to our quality of life!

Healthy footbath sofa elements and material descriptions are divided into the following points:

The first is the foot bath sofa frame: the common domestic common material is pine wood, not old wood, wet wood, and miscellaneous wood. The foot bath sofas produced from new timber can generally have a service life of 8 to 15 years, or even longer, and the foot bath sofas produced from old wood generally have a service life of six months to two years.

Followed by the foot bath sofa sponge: This is the core component, the quality of the sponge directly affect the life of the foot bath sofa, the sponge is mainly depends on the density of the sponge, the general foot bath sofa density is between 25 to 35, Generally the back is 25 density, because the back can not be too hard, otherwise rely on the above uncomfortable, foot bath sofa at the sponge between 30 and 35 density, so the new range of density sponge, can reach 5 to 10 There is no deformation, no depression, and sufficient elasticity. The most important thing here is to tell you that there are many footbath sofas on the market that are made from recycled cotton. The so-called regenerated cotton, that is, the old sponge after one use, is second Sub-processing, using ordinary glue pressed toxic sponge, the cost of this re-use of the sponge is very low, so the total cost of foot bath is much lower, on the contrary this is the advantage of many customers fancy, why do I say As an advantage, because many customers choose the foot bath sofa, their lack of understanding of the foot bath sofa, fancy foot bath sofa style at the same time, more fancy is the foot bath sofa The price, and the use of recycled cotton produced by the foot bath itself, the bottom of the cost, the price will be sold out is very cheap, generally use three to six months the sponge is all hollow, no longer elastic, the so-called "good and cheap" Should this be understood? China has a population of 1.3 billion. If one-third of them are using such a hazardous footbath sofa, how can we promote green earth and become a green citizen?

The second is the foot bath sofa fabric: the fabric is generally the most suitable cotton cloth, whether to buy clothes or buyers, the seller will introduce you to the cotton, the people of the earth all know that the cotton items do not damage the skin, friction is small, will harm down To the bottom! If it is a public place foot bath sofa, we recommend the use of strong wear-resistant linen or flannel, so that the life of the foot bath sofa more playful!

The final is the foot bath sofa auxiliary materials: glue (must use green glue), tension spring, tendon band, hardware accessories and so on!