Sauna Sofa Overview

- May 24, 2018-

The sauna sofa is a kind of leisure sofa, usually the backrest can be flattened. There are three types of common pneumatic sauna sofas, wood-paneled sauna sofas and electric sauna sofas in the market. Its characteristic is that it can be used as a footbath and a sauna massage. .

  Currently, the popular sofa fabrics for the sauna are generally divided into two categories: flocking fabrics and composite printing fabrics, the former being of higher prices. Fabric selection is also a factor in price. Sponge is the most important part of the sofa. In general, different parts of the sofa should use sponges of different properties, thickness, and density. Fundamentally speaking, sponges are petroleum products. The current rise in oil prices is also a major factor in the increase of production costs. Therefore, if the sofa finished product price is too low, its thickness and density in the sponge must be greatly reduced, the former will bring comfort problems, the latter will bring the problem of life (density is too low, the sofa base does not occur more than six months Deformation).

    Regarding wood, sauna sofas are mostly wood and multi-layer plywood. The key to quality lies in the wood's cross-section size and shape (too fine and ribbed, if used, will affect the life span and firmness, which is also one of the key costs). The thickness of the multilayer board. Sauna sofas are all soft packs (there are no leaks of wood), so unless otherwise specified, generally, the wood is not planed and the multi-layer plywood is not veneered.