Restaurant Sofa Purchase And Maintenance Knowledge

- May 24, 2018-

When consumers purchase a sofa in a restaurant, it is best to lay on the sofa for more than a few minutes. The neck cushion and waist curve support the support. When the foot is checked and flipped, the foot will be heard. If the noise is too loud, it indicates a design flaw. Sofa is the main fabric there are three kinds of cotton, cotton fiber and cotton polyester, of which the highest overall fabric comfort, good elasticity, excellent air permeability. Commonly used cotton fabrics, cotton polyester fabrics are tightly bound, use a long time, and will not thin silk or hooks. The mat is one of the important components of the footbath sofa, which determines the effect of the use. In the purchase, it is best to ask the business, whether it is a primary foam high-elastic sponge, it is difficult to distinguish, it is recommended to buy a well-known brand product quality more assured.

  The handrails and seat cushions of the dining room sofas are particularly prone to dirty, because they are all surfaces that the human body must contact frequently, so always pay attention to cleaning. In addition to putting a sofa towel on top of it, it is also possible to customize a coat or a sofa cover for the sofa. It is very easy for the sofa to use a long time to deposit dust. You can regularly use a vacuum cleaner and other tools to remove dust, but it is important to note that the brush head of the vacuum cleaner can not be close to the fabric, so as to avoid dirt on the cloth or brush the head to pick up the thread.