Restaurant Sofa Future Innovation Multi-element Development Is An Inevitable Trend

- Jun 09, 2018-

Popularity is repeated in the past during a certain period, but the design of the future is more of an integration adjustment. We cannot predict how far a modern fashion design can go, but the color and shape of the sofa in the future will be reflected in the media. Rendering is more to accept the test of the market. Restaurant sofas are different from ordinary luxury goods and consumer goods. You do not decide to buy because of the five-minute preference, but you must consider practical and visual unity.

   Designing or discovering a decorative element, and then applying it to the entire series of restaurant sofas, this once-and-for-all practice is far from satisfying the aesthetic demands of consumers in the era of personalized consumer aesthetics, as well as multi-element or color harmonization applications. Bringing a sense of accomplishment to the restaurant sofa designer.

    From the research on the phenomenon of demand for food, we can learn that during the period of hunger, people especially like to eat high-sweet, greasy foods, and after their life is rich, light vegetables, whole grains and health foods are more popular. . Obviously, the former is a food with a single nutrient content and a high content, while the latter is a nutrient-rich micro-nutrient food with a small amount of each ingredient. In addition, it also shows that people's single and large demand for food is in the era of material lack of life, while the demand for food in the abundant material life is characterized by richness and traceness.

In fact, people have the same development rules for the aesthetic needs of life and food needs, that is, from the single to the rich and from the weight to the quality. There is also the need for richness and exquisiteness to emerge after a single and large amount of aesthetic needs are always satisfied.

Therefore, in the era of consumption that will be brought about by a new generation of consumers who have grown up in the rich cultural environment of liberalism, individualism, and hedonism in Western developed countries, monotonous decoration and color will bring mediocrity. Obviously it is difficult to meet the aesthetic needs of their individuality and richness, which they cannot tolerate.

A variety of decorative elements, styles or colors appear in the design of a sofa in the same or a series of restaurants. From the point of view of art design, there is no great difficulty in dealing with the relationship between them, despite having been accustomed to single elements and Color furniture designers have an adaptive process.

For the new generation of consumers, the pure pursuit of weirdness is still inseparable from the association of too many traditions and the influence of modern culture. If the weirdness will be eliminated quickly, then the remaining design means that the sofa design will enter the restaurant. A new era of development.