Restaurant Bag Chair Classification And Material Introduction

- May 23, 2018-

In the modern restaurant decoration style, a variety of soft chairs have become an integral part of the entire restaurant style. As a consumer, it is loved for its compactness, comfort and independence. For restaurant owners, free placement and space saving are important factors in their choice.


   The soft chair is named after a soft pack made of sponge, leather, or fabric. There are two types of full-soft chairs and semi-soft chairs in the market. The so-called all-soft bag means that the backrest and the seat cushion have sponges, and then they are made of soft leather or cloth. The semi-soft chair is generally just a soft cushion. From the fabric point of view, the choice of leather soft pack chair and fabric soft pack chair are different, the choice is the same with the leather, cloth sofa, in the end is the choice of leather sofa is good or fabric sofa is good, in fact, each has its own characteristics, The most important thing is to decide according to your decoration style and customer preferences.


    The interior frames of soft pouches are made of high-quality solid wood, and the structure is firm. The angle is designed according to the ergonomics, which better improves the function and quality of the chair. The soft bag adopts high-quality sponge and high-density cotton multi-layer structure, which is comfortable to sit on, has good rebound rate, and is durable.