Redwood Furniture Maintenance Tips

- Jun 07, 2018-

Mahogany furniture mainly refers to furniture made of rosewood, rosewood, ebony, eucalyptus, rosewood, and chicken wings. In addition, wood furniture cannot be called mahogany furniture. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, mahogany furniture is not only a furniture decoration, but also the most attractive part of many collectors. The mahogany furniture materials are scarce, so the price has continued to rise. The maintenance of mahogany furniture can not be ignored. Below, Shanghai Xinyu Sofa Factory will introduce several methods for maintaining mahogany furniture:

1. Be careful to keep away from heat when placing furniture, at least one meter. Furniture close to the heat source will quickly cause the water in the furniture wood to evaporate and cause the seams and sashes of the furniture to shrink and cause cracking of the smashed panel. It is best to wipe beeswax on the back and inside of the furniture.

2. Increase humidity indoors as much as possible. If you often use a damp cloth to wipe the ground or use a humidifier or fish, it is good for people and furniture and it adds fun to life.

3. Place the furniture in a flat place. Do not place your legs on a flat surface. The overall furniture should be kept perpendicular to the ground, otherwise it may easily cause deformation of the whole furniture and the door, etc., and eventually cause cracks in the seams, which will damage the life of the furniture.

4. Do not use a damp cloth to wipe furniture dust. Should first gently dust off the furniture surface dust, and then wipe with a dry cotton cloth, so as not to damage the surface layer of furniture dust particles and beautiful.

5. It is best to move and move the furniture when it is moving. Do not pull it hard and it may cause cracks in the lower part of the legs.

6. Furniture with drawers It is advisable to drop a few drops of wax on the underside of the drawer or on the drawers (racks) (drafts of drawers) to reduce friction and extend the service life. 

7. Mahogany furniture is best not to be placed directly next to high humidity artifacts.

The new furniture sometimes bursts with "squeaking" sounds, as long as the above requirements are achieved without problems, the sound is caused by the furniture panel shrinkage caused by the normal phenomenon. Let the furniture go through a winter and a summer, can let the manufacturer come to the door to maintain and can be restored to a new appearance.

In short, mahogany furniture and general furniture is different, suitable for damp, avoid drying, so mahogany furniture in particular should not be exposed to the sun, avoid air-conditioning blowing against the furniture, spring, autumn and winter three seasons to keep the indoor air is not dry, should use a humidifier Spraying wet, indoor fish farming, and flower cultivation can also regulate indoor air humidity. In addition, when the customers of the bailout purchase mahogany furniture, they should choose their investment goals based on their own economic strength and personal interests.