Quanzhou, Fujian Province Opens First Green Tax Stamp

- Apr 03, 2018-

“I did not expect to be fortunate today to become the first taxpayer in Fujian Province to apply for environmental protection taxes (“environmental tax”).” On the morning of April 1, 2018, the financial officer of Cardin (Fujian) Children's Products Co., Ltd. took over. The environmental tax bill issued by the Quanzhou City Taxation Bureau.

What surprised the person in charge was that the tax stamp was the first environmental tax stamp issued by Fujian Province since the introduction of the environmental protection tax.

"Form declaration - entry system - open a tax stamp", more than 8 am, Fujian Province, the first environmental tax stamp out smoothly. The reporter saw at the scene that the Office of the Taxation Service of the Local Taxation Bureau of Quanzhou set up a special area for environmental tax reporting and consulting services, which opened up a green channel for “environmental tax”.

On January 1, 2018, the "People's Republic of China Environmental Protection Tax Law" was formally implemented. The tax law stipulates that environmental taxes are reported on a quarterly basis. Therefore, the first sign of the environmental protection tax really arrived in April this year.

Fujian Provincial Local Tax Bureau introduced April 1st as the first day of the reporting period. In order to ensure that the first expiry of the environmental protection tax is settled smoothly, the local taxation service bureaus of Fuzhou, Quanzhou, and Quzhou have arranged business backbones to work overtime and make full use of them. There is a favorable opportunity for a small number of applicants on weekends to do their utmost to protect the taxpayers’ normal reporting and eliminate possible obstacles to the follow-up work of the reporting period.

Fu Yijie, director of the Quanzhou Local Taxation Bureau, said that the first environmental tax stamp was successfully issued, which symbolized the successful transition of the environmental protection fee tax system in Quanzhou, laying the foundation for the steady advancement of the first levy of environmental taxes in Quanzhou.