Prop 65 - New Warning Requirements & Certification - Response Needed By May 1, 2018

- May 02, 2018-

The new Proposition 65 warning regulations contain new furniture specific standards.  Among other things, these regulations require that at least one substance be identified on all furniture warnings AND require either (a) a notice or sign, not smaller than 8 ½ by 11 inches at the point of retail display or store public entrance, or (b) a notice printed or stamped, in no smaller than 12-point font, on each furniture sales receipt. 


In light of the new warning regulations, Office Star Products is requiring each of its suppliers/vendors to either (i) certify that its products are free of Proposition 65 listed substances or (ii) identify at least one substance in its product(s) that causes cancer, reproductive harm, or both.  The list of all Proposition 65 listed substances can be found at


Products that are free of Proposition 65 listed substances will no longer require a warning label to be adhered to the product and carton.  Products that contain a Proposition 65 listed substance(s) must include a warning label similar to the label below which can be in color or in black and white. Please note that the required warning language depends upon whether the Proposition 65 listed substance identified is listed as a carcinogen, a reproductive toxicant, or both.  The warning below is only for use where the identified Proposition 65 substance is both a carcinogen and a reproductive toxicant.  See Title 22 California Code of Regulations sections 25603, 25607.12 and 25607.13 for the required form of Proposition 65 warning for furniture products.  The new warning label must be used for all products containing a Proposition 65 listed substance that will be in store August 30, 2018 or anytime thereafter.