Prohibition Of Log Export Policy Or Will Change!

- Jun 20, 2018-

Indonesian domestic media reported that according to the export of agricultural and forestry products, despite the request of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia did not allow the export of logs this year. The

The boycott of log export proposals comes from manufacturers of furniture and wood products who are concerned that as log exports attract high prices, the drop in log supply will cause the cost of logs to soar. The

The Economic Coordination Department believes that natural resources should be used to manufacture and export downstream products. The

The Indonesia Forest Franchise Association (APHI) reported that due to bad weather that prevented logging, the first quarter of 2018 had 10.22 million cubic meters of log output, which was only slightly below the level of the same period in 2017 (10.95 million cubic meters). From the dry season in April, the output of logs will increase. APHI said that the output of logs this year will increase by about 10% from last year. The

With the increase of Indonesian log production, the log export issue may be adjusted accordingly in the later period, and log exports will be released at the same time without affecting the development of the domestic wood product manufacturing industry.