Plywood Companies In Jiangsu Stopped Production, And Some Manufacturers Took The Opportunity To Raise Prices

- Jun 09, 2018-

After Linyi in Shandong Province, Jiangsu has started a comprehensive stoppage mode! Today, the hometown enterprises of Xuzhou, Fuyang, and other boards received notices demanding immediate suspension of production. The date of suspension of production was from June 12 to June 12. All plywood manufacturers, printing plants, furniture manufacturers and spraying operations are required to stop production, minimize the emission of volatile organic compounds, and require the power supply department to implement precise power cuts. From June 8th, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment will send inspection teams to conduct on-site inspections of the implementation of stop-and-limit production measures in each city! At 1pm, the inspection team set off from Suqian and went to Fuyang to check the implementation.

China Wood Industry Network reporters first interviewed Jiangsu and other places plate person in charge, it is understood that the local investigation of the recent severe environmental assessment in Liyang, no environmental assessment procedures, all companies have stopped production, some companies have stopped production for half a month long, some small business nights Self-employed, there are not a few who are caught and punished! China Wood Industry Network once again reminded everyone that environmental protection under the big stick not to commit crimes!
From Linyi, Shandong to Xuzhou, Jiangsu, and Fuyang, the environmental hurricane has not stopped, but there is a tendency to become more and more serious. According to local plate companies, the large-scale production stoppages have caused some manufacturers to fail to deliver on time, and some enterprises with large stocks have started to raise prices. Please prepare accordingly!