New Zealand And The Russian Federation Are Major Sources Of Raw Wood Imports In China

- Jun 20, 2018-

In the whole year of 2017, China imported a total of 55.4 million cubic meters of logs, of which the top 10 countries in the importing countries were New Zealand’s 14.364 million cubic meters, the Russian Federation’s 11.265 million cubic meters, the US’ 60.96 million cubic meters, and the Australia’s 4.953 million cubic meters. 3.371 million cubic meters, 2.828 million cubic meters in Papua New Guinea, 2.781 million cubic meters in the Solomon Islands, 1.056 million cubic meters in Equatorial Guinea, 836,000 cubic meters in Uruguay and 776,000 cubic meters in Congo (cloth).

In the top five countries, the import volume of logs compared to 2016, except for the Russian Federation, the growth rate of the remaining four countries exceeded double digits. Among them, New Zealand and the Russian Federation’s annual log imports accounted for 25.93% and 20.33% of the country’s total import volume of logs in 2017, respectively. It is the first and second largest source of log imports in China.