New Directions For Amazon : Try To Open AR Furniture Store

- Apr 09, 2018-

Amazon's retail plans may go far beyond books and department stores. New York Times sources revealed that the Internet giant is exploring the possibility of home appliances and furniture stores from a technical perspective. You can use augmented or virtual reality to feel what the item is in your home, making it easier to decide if you want to buy this new sofa or stove.

It is understood that Amazon is working on an electronic store similar to the Apple Store. The Amazon physical bookstore has put in some of its equipment, but these bookstores are more concerned with hardware and services such as Echo speakers and Prime Video.

The Times quickly pointed out that considering opening a store is not the same as determining a store. If it turns out that it is not feasible, Amazon may give up these ideas. Even so, this still shows a major change in Amazon's philosophy over the years. It turned out to be an outdated store, but now it seems to be using its Internet expertise to rejuvenate the retail industry. In particular, furniture and electronics stores show that even if sellers are happy to buy online, they still want to experience the product when possible.