Metal File Cabinet Choice

- Dec 28, 2017-

Metal case file guessing, after phosphating and electrostatic powder coating technology sheet metal, not only has a long time of use life, it is not easy to use the process, there rust, corrosion of the scene .

Of course, we selected the excellent iron in the future, the metal shears skills, but also need our serious examination. And those who choose the high precision cutting board capacity of the file cabinet whether standard, the appearance is still normal use, will not appear cabinet perspective skew, cabinet or drawer deformation can not be used. Other, need to be careful is that: the appearance of the metal file cabinets cabinet appearance, but also the need for careful examination. In other words, there should be a 90-degree straightforward approach to the edging of the metal filing cabinets. And when we are choosing metal cabinets, we can also use hand to touch the cabinet to see if it is smooth, delicate and shiny. And if the metal cabinet file cabinet appeared micro-particles, glitches, stripping paint or paint luster is dim, so Xiaobian recommend that we best not to buy. Metal file cabinet material selection in this area so simple, only need to look more carefully, select those who have been phosphated metal most suitable.