Maintenance Of Furniture In Winter Can Be Used For 10 Years

- Jul 27, 2018-

Maintenance of furniture in winter can be used for 10 years.


 Accompanied our furniture every day, even in the winter to do special care, so the maintenance of the furniture should be on the agenda.

1 furniture away from the humidifier

Humidity has a negligible effect on the maintenance of furniture. The weather in winter is relatively dry, so many furniture will crack in this season. Some small partners say that it is not good to use a humidifier? Yes, the humidifier can solve the problem of humidity, but it must be noted that the hygroscopic property of the wood is easily affected by the environment. If the humidification is excessive, the wood is easily affected by the environment. If the humidification is excessive, the wood is prone to wet up and shrinkage. Change, so the furniture moisturizer should be reasonable in humidity.

2 shorten the window opening time

In winter, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is large. Many people like to open the window when they are not at home. In fact, it is easy to cause the furniture to crack, and the outdoor cold air comes in, so that the indoor air is dry and accelerates cracking. Try to reduce the window opening time in winter.

3 Avoid being scratched by hard objects

Due to the dry weather in winter and the heating and baking, the moisture in many furniture is lost and the texture becomes loose. It is possible that the very strong furniture is easily scratched when it is cleaned. Therefore, when cleaning, try not to use a sharp cleaning tool to touch the surface of the wood. In the winter furniture cleaning home, it is best to use special furniture care essential oil to better reduce the loss of water.

4 away from the sun

The position of the furniture should also be avoided by direct sunlight from the window. The furniture is exposed to the sun for a long time, and the material of the furniture is prone to brittleness. Try to use a translucent curtain to separate the sunlight. The temperature in winter is relatively low, and the furniture in the house needs us to maintain it for long-term use.