Low-carbon Furniture Is Becoming More And More Popular With Customers.

- Mar 14, 2018-

        With the popularity of low carbon concept, there are more and more people focusing on furniture. Industry insiders said that if furniture is environment-friendly is greatly related to paint and materials,so the growing solid wood furniture can be the first choice of the low carbon gens.Solid wood has always been the traditional material to make furniture, but with the decrease of forest resources, lumber resource is increasingly scarce, plank type furniture gradually becomes a mainstream.

        You can set about choosing low-carbon furniture from the following aspects:

        Smell: entering the furniture stores,  you are supposed to smell the furniture to find out if there is  formaldehyde , this is the most intuitive way . In general ,  pure solid wood furniture has a original flavour of wood and environment-friendly furniture generally use water-based paint, also having no pungent smell.

        Look: Typically , you can distinguish solid wood with your eyes ,whose grain appears more natural.In addition to the material , it is also necessary to have a look at all kinds of certificates and find out whether they have the logo passing the national environmental protection certification .

        Listen: consumers also can  knock on furniture with hands , there is a difference in sound between solid wood and other materials . Besides ,  listening to the introduction of saler may also can help you a lot .